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Boy or Girl Dog? How to Tell

How to tell if a dog is a BOY or GIRL Trying to figure out what gender the dog is when you meet a new dog in public? While most dogs aren't usually walking around in dresses or overalls, it can be hard to know the gender of a dog at first glance. Seems like I have a tendency to call every dog that I meet a "her".   What is her name?  Just seeing a dog, you don't know for ... Read More about Boy or Girl Dog? How to Tell

Etiquette For Meeting a New Dog

5 Things to teach your kids before a approaching a new dog Just like teaching your kids the proper way to address an adult for the first time, it's equally important they know how to approach a dog they've never met before. Be calm  Act calmly around the dog. Dogs have an innate ability to sense emotions, and can sense if you're scared. Likewise, if your child is ... Read More about Etiquette For Meeting a New Dog

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